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SYNCHRONIC DECAf Synchronic Decaf 

Character: Oatmeal raisin cookies, chocolate, rich, sweet.

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Our Synchronic Decaf is a single origin Swiss Water Processed decaf from Finca El Cascajal, Guatemala.  Our goal with a decaf is to always look for one that tastes as much like a regular coffee as possible.  This coffee needs to be clean and smooth with a rich flavor to satisfy any decaf drinker.

$17.36 - $93.75
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1 Coffee Review
Added by goldfilm

I use this coffee for my espresso machine. In my previous experience with other brands most of the espresso beans were too dark and burnt. This coffee has a perfect balance and it's high quality since its inception. As soon as you open the elegant black package it smells amazing with notes of chocolate and pecan nuts, and the aroma delivers until the end with a smooth but complex flavor. I can't believe it's decaf! If you want a tasty shot at home to really enjoy or impress guests, this one is the way to go.
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