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Ngozi, burundi - 12 ounce bagKimel Peaberry, Papua New Guinea

Character: dark chocolate, dried fruit, sweet acidity, balanced

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Burundi is one of the most hidden regions in the specialty coffee world because it has predominantly been seen for it’s commodity grade coffees since the 1960’s. At Path we have always looked for coffees with unique character that also can appeal to a wide audience. Burundi coffee has been there for us over the last few years and for very good reason. These coffees are rich and flavorful. They have wonderful dark chocolate and dried fruit notes all wrapped up in a balanced cup.

Our particular Burundi coffee comes from the Muyinga region and the Gomba Washing Station. This washing station has contracted with over 2800 farmers, each with an average of 300 trees.


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1 Coffee Review
Added by richdaddyo

The Burundi is exceptional. This is my new favorite! Smooth, almost creamy. Be good to yourself. Drink better coffee! For me, that's Burundi.
Thanks, guys
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