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Mweru, kenyaKochere, Ethiopia

Character: Cara Cara orange, wildflower honey, milk chocolate

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It's officially summer and we're now tasting a bright, crisp (dare we say effervescent) Kenyans! Our Mweru, Kenya is full of fresh fruits that aren't too ripe and the coffee has plenty of body to back it up. Characteristics of sweet oranges and floral honey are mixed with deeper and darker maple syrup and cherries. We suggest you give this one a try as cold brew. 

The mill itself is located in Central Kenya and is grown on some of the highest mountains in the area. Nyeri, the region where the Mweru is grown, is known for its red clay soil has a high iron content and is very beneficial in aiding in the growth of coffee plants. The coffee, like most in Kenya is hand-picked and hand-sorted, usually many times. Something to think about while you're sippin' your cold brew!
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