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monte alto, costa rica - 12 ounce bagPath Coffee Roasters - Monte Alto, Costa Rica

Character: Milk Chocolate, blueberries, warm pretzel.

Flying into San Jose, Costa Rica is such a lush experience: coming North you fly over mountains and then the valley opens up to San Jose, a sprawling metropolis that is reminiscent of San Francisco at night. You're officially in the Central Valley. Driving up and out for a couple of hours gets you into the heart of the Central Valley coffee growing region. Here, you can look back down into the city and see the mountainsides lined with coffee fields. Eventually the city disappears and you're left with winding roads, quaint villages, and coffee shrubs everywhere. This is where the Sanchez family produces the coffee of Hacienda Monte Alto. It has been run by Milton Sanchez Marin who inherited the estate in 1986. One more interesting bit about this coffee it that this lot (like many other lots) have family names; this one in particular is called Jujumeca, named after the five brothers who were farmers in the previous family generation: Julio, Juan, Milton, Edgar, and Carlos.

As for the coffee itself, we obviously think it's great! This coffee begins a little more nuanced with milk chocolate layered underneath fresh, not too sweet, blueberries. Silky sweet orange is found lurking around this cup as well, and it finishes with a gorgeous full body that hopefully reminds you of a freshly baked pretzel. 

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