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galeras, colombiaKimel Peaberry, Papua New Guinea

Character: Salted caramel, honey almonds, tart cherries.

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This is our first year working with these farmers, located near the Galeras volcano (hence the name!) and we couldn't be more excited. Volcan Galeras is located in southwestern Colombia, between the border of Ecaudor and the capital of Pasto. Also to be remembered is that it is still active. The climate this high up (we're talking ~2,000m) is dry and helps with the complexities found within this coffee. We've also got great soil contributing as well. Finally, we cannot forget the many producers who help in making this coffee what it is: many of the handful of farmers own less that one hectare of land.
In the cup, we get a complex, rich, and fruity Colombian. What starts as a velvety rich caramel (or Golden Syrup if you will) opens up to almonds, cherries, and a plethora of citrus notes to pick out. I think the citrus here most resembles very sweet fruits such as mandarins or Meyer lemons. Towards the finish, everything lingers and up pops a floral note that is indicative of the best Colombians. Enjoy!
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