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Character: Smooth, brown sugar, currant and warm buttered toast.


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Feather In Cap is a blend that we spent a lot of time developing, specifically with espresso in mind. Developing this blend made us balance a strong body with strong flavors.

We were looking to create an espresso that was tasty, delicious and something we could call our own. This espresso will jump out at you and make you question your idea of what an espresso should taste like.

$15.47 - $83.54
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1 Coffee Review
Added by alpinem5

loving this blend! robust, earthy taste. Haven't had coffee this good since I was on a coffee farm in Bogota, Panama. I live in LA and there's at least six dozen places around me where I can buy coffee, yet I order from upstate NY because PATH is there.

I look forward to waking up in the mornings :) Next on my list to try is the Costa Rica blend.
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