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CROSSHATCH blendCrosshatch Blend

Character: Rich full-body, caramel, chocolate, hints of fruit compote, smooth.

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Crosshatch is a blend of South American and African coffees that not only show off the quality of each coffee inside, but just how well these flavors work together.


Our flagship blend, Crosshatch even tastes pretty awesome as espresso.  The cup itself is unique but approachable.

$16.18 - $87.38
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3 Coffee Reviews
Added by Shay

Love this coffee! I first tried it at an event in NYC and had to have more of it. It smell delicious and the taste is unbelievable. I Highly recommended it.
Added by Angryamygdala

This is the first Path coffee I've tried. Very impressed with it. Smooth but bright, it made for great espresso. Dialing in was easy, and the coffee was pretty forgiving. I found it pulled best at 195˚ but there was plenty of room to play with, this coffee ever didn't get too bitter or too sour on the far ends of the temp scale.

I am very glad a Westchester company is finally roasting something worthwhile.
Added by gnieto22

Crosshatch is creamy in body, smooth from start to finish. It was crisp and clean at first, then as it cooled the caramel and chocolate came to the forefront. It even has hints of well roasted coffee tree fruit. I really enjoyed it!
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