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The one thing we've worked really hard to do is develop our method of roasting that slowly caramelizes the natural sugars in our coffee.  By understanding where each coffee comes from and how they are processed at the farm and mills, we are able to tailor each roast to enhance those wonderful, distinct flavors.  This gives them a uniquely sweet and smooth taste with rich body and balanced acidity.  After test roasting on our Diedrich roaster, we achieve the desired roast profile for that bean. This profile, a measure of time, temperature, gas and air flow, ensures that our roasting technique enhances all the wonderful characteristics of where that coffee came from, without imparting any roast or smoke flavor.  By roasting in small batches we are able to maintain an extreme level of quality control, and once a profile is locked in, all we want to do is duplicate it.  Consistency is everything, so to make sure that we're always hitting the mark we taste our coffees after each and every roast.  This attention to detail is why our coffees are so refreshingly different from your average store brand or coffee distributor, and you'll be sure to taste the difference.

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