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How much coffee should i order at one time?

Since our coffees are roasted to order every Monday we think it's a good idea to order only what you need for 2 weeks. This way you have fresh coffee when you want it. If you are interested in not having to place an order every two weeks you can sign up for and individual coffee subscription or a Roasters Choice Subscription.

when should i expect to receive my coffee? 

Once you place your order we will roast it on Monday, package it on Tuesday and by Wednesday it's out the door. Your coffee should arrive via USPS within a few days depending on your location from us here in Port Chester, NY. When we ship out an order you will receive an email notification with your tracking information. If you did not get one please check your spam folder first and then contact us if you are still uncertain about your delivery status.

how should i store my coffee?

Please store your coffee in our bag sealed with the tin-tie. The best place to keep it is in a drawer or on the counter away from sunlight. Please do not store your coffee in the fridge or freezer because condensation can form on the beans as you take them out and replace them. Condensation will make  your beans stale quickly.

what is the best way to brew my fresh roasted path coffee?

There are so many great brewing methods so the best one is the one you like most and is most convenient for you. We prefer a manual pour over method like V60 or Kalita Wave but experimentation is key. If you are interested in brewing with a pour over method check out our video on V60 brewing.

how often do your coffees change?

Since we are a seasonal coffee roaster all our coffees are in season and as fresh as possible. Seasonality with coffee is no different than with fruits and vegetables. Each growing region produces coffee during different times of the year and within a growing region they can produce coffee of varying qualities throughout their growing season. At Path we are focused on finding only the freshest, most delicious coffees that are in season for a particular region.

do you offer a dark roast coffee?

We do not offer a specific dark roast because we believe that roasting coffee to a very dark shade eliminates all its great flavor qualities. We roast our coffee to the shade that most emphasizes it's natural flavors without imparting any smoke or roast flavors. By slow roasting our coffees we caramelize the natural sugars and enhance all the wonderful flavors we fell in love with.

what is the benefit of buying seasonal coffees?

In one word, freshness. Coffee that is in season is bright and vibrant. Flavors are so much more pronounced and delicious. As coffee gets older it's flavors fade and get more muddled.

why should i buy whole bean coffee instead of ground if possible?

When you buy whole bean coffee and grind it fresh for each brew you are maximizing the flavor potential of your coffee. Once coffee is ground oxygen starts to oxidize the coffee and flavor loss begins to take place it should be used within 15 or 20 minutes because .

why is your coffee more expensive than many national brands?

There are two main reasons for this. One is the quality of our coffee and the second is how we roast and package our coffee. The type of coffee we purchase at Path is called specialty coffee as defined by the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) and is in a class well above what national brands offer. Beyond that the coffees we are seeking out stand out from even the many specialty coffees available. In fact we might sample 30-50 different coffees before choosing one or two for our menu. Secondly, everything we do at Path is by hand. We roast in small batches to order and hand pack each and every bag with love.